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Current Coffee News

Nine Coffee Millers Get The Nod From The Regulator

The Coffee indusry regulator (Coffee Board of Kenya), has renewed licenses of nine commercial millers despite some being implicated in rampant theft of the produce, among other multpractices that have bedevilled the subsector, The renewal is hardly consoling to the millers  as industry analysts are predicting a bleak future for commercial milling since an increasing number of farmers are investing in their own machines.

Farmers Demand Split Of Their Union

Coffee farmers in Nyeri held a demonstration demanding a split of their union. Farmers at Kiandu factory in Tetu wants to split from the Mutheka Farmers Co-operative society, citing exploitation by officials. In a demonstration at the Kiandu Market, the farmers claimed that their factory was bankrolling the umbrella society of 6,000 farmers. “although we produce a 3rd of all coffee from Mutheka society, our farmers have little to show in terms of their earnings from coffee as a big proportion of the proceedings

Coffee And SACCOs On The Way Back

About 6 years ago, coffee farmer Thomas Muthama from Kangundo and John Musembi a teacher and shareholder of the masaku Teachers' Sacco were the most frustrated people on earth. Their business was not performing well. Muthama abandoned his coffee farm and Musembi pulled out of the sacco. "My coffee society officials had brought down my own sources of survival and poor prices in the market made me give up, I was contemplating uprooting my coffee trees as many of my colleagues had done," recalled Mr. Muthama.

Coffee from Africa: Kenya

Of all contemporary coffee origins, Kenya is doubtless the most universally admired. Coffee-growing came late to this mainly tea-drinking nation, introduced in 1900 by the British. When the Kenyans achieved independence they structured their coffee industry with what, in retrospect, seems admirable foresight. They maintained a technically sophisticated research establishment, made use of the most advanced techniques in fruit removal and drying, developed efficiently run cooperatives of small holders, and organized their export industry around an open auction.

Alert Out Over Deadly Coffee Pest Outbreak

Coffee farmers have been put on high alert over an outbreak of a tiny insect that attacks the cash-crop. Coffee Research Foundation, yesterday (11th July 2011) told growers to monitor and spray their crops should they notice coffee thrips, which courses the leaves to fall off and at worst kills the tree. “Coffee research foundation wishes to notify farmers of thrips outbreak in most coffee growing regions in Kenya, which is likely to worsen when the cold season is over”, the advert said.

  • Nine Coffee Millers Get The Nod From The Regulator

  • Farmers Demand Split Of Their Union

  • Coffee And SACCOs On The Way Back

  • Coffee from Africa: Kenya

  • Alert Out Over Deadly Coffee Pest Outbreak